The Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo is based in suburban Philadelphia, PA. We are provide educational programs and petting zoos for your school or event.
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Charis has warm memories of past events . . .

"I had a woman just call me and her son was at a day camp where the Peaceable Kingdom had visited. He came home so excited because he had petted and fed the llama. She said she would not have thought he would do that in a miilon years and she was thrilled . . . because he is usually quite shy around animals . . . so she booked a party."

"The Peaceable Kingdom visited a nursing home, and there was a resident there that would not get out of bed for days! The staff told her the pony was outside her window, so she sat up to see the pony. Then they told her if she got out of bed, she could come out and see the pony. She got up for the first time in 4 or 5 days. She sat with my pony for almost an hour. It was awesome! These are the reasons I do this."

"The Peaceable Kingdom does a lot of work in the inner city for my church. That is very rewarding -- to see kids who have never seen farm animals before react at first with caution, then feed and pet the animals, and then not want to leave! It's great!"

wallaby in her pouch