The Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo is based in suburban Philadelphia, PA. We are provide educational programs and petting zoos for your school or event.

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Asked about her love of animals, founder Charis Matey writes, "I love animals and once I find one, it's mine forever. That's why I have so many. To many people, it is just a business, but to me, it's the way I can have the pets I want and love."

If you are interested in booking your event with the Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo, you can call any time and leave a message. If you don't speak to Charis directly, that's probably because she's outside feeding the animals or cleaning the barn! She will get back to you promptly.


Rates are based on the type of services you require. Certain exotic animals in your presentation involve a surcharge. Please call for a free quote. We serve eastern Pennsylvania, along with New Jersey and Delaware.