The Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo is based in suburban Philadelphia, PA. We are provide educational programs and petting zoos for your school or event.
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The Big Red Tent!

Invite the Peaceable Kingdom to your next event! When you see our Big Red Barn coming around the corner, you'll know that fun is in store. Because inside that trailer is Telly, the llama, who sometimes pretends to be a camel; and Willow, the sweet wallaby, who brings a little bit of Down-Under flair to your birthday party or picnic.

The Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo has brought smiles to faces both young and old. Under our red and white tents, an adventure awaits. Fred, George, Peanut, Sugar, Zeke and Tank the sheep just love a cuddle or a snack. Just inside our white picket fence, our goats, Mugsly, Gizmo, Java, Joy, Casper and Comet, wait to tell their new little friends a secret.

Wallaby and kitty friendThe Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo is a fully-insured operation. Our animals are our pets and live at home with us. We are fully-licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Medical care for our animals is provided by an on-call veterinarian. All animals are vaccinated according to recommended guidelines.

The Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo grew out of the vision of our founder, Charis Matey.

Charis never imagined that her love for animals would grow into a mission of education and a labor of love. She started out with just a few goats, some sheep and a llama. Over the years, these original residents of the Kingdom have been joined by Willow the Wallaby, along with chickens, turtles, hedgehogs and even Lucy the Goose -- who has special needs but does not seem to know it!

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